Davidson, Doyle and Hilton, LLP is a full-service accounting firm dedicated to providing superior service at affordable fees to over 3,000 clients throughout North America. The company was founded in 1999 by three managing partners with over 60 years of combined experience in public accounting: J. Lyons Davidson, Peter Doyle, and Nathan Hilton. In 2009, Amy A. Gallagher became the fourth Partner at DD&H, the company’s first employee to achieve such a milestone. The offices of Davidson, Doyle & Hilton are located in downtown Lynchburg, Virginia and continue to expand with the increase in demand for their specialized accounting services. The company has quickly become the largest public accounting firm in Central Virginia and is now becoming a dominant force in the accounting industry nationwide.  

The professionals at Davidson, Doyle & Hilton work as a team, each contributing their own unique area of expertise. Together, they provide services in four major areas: accounting and payroll, audit and assurance, tax services, and investment, estate, and retirement planning. The firm specializes in providing a personalized array of these services at an affordable price for clients nationwide. This is achieved by investing heavily in human capital and maintaining careful control of cost and quality. All data processing is performed in-house by qualified accountants to allow for a more efficient product and more effective control over client confidentiality.  

Whether you are a start-up business, or an established firm seeking to maximize your financial resources, Davidson, Doyle & Hilton can provide you with the necessary guidance to navigate the increasingly complex world of accounting and compliance. The firm has particular expertise in most accounting software packages as well as vast experience in other accounting programs, spreadsheet operations, and network administration. You may call upon their specialists for general or specific tax and business advice on any aspect of your operations or expansion.

Mission Statement

Davidson, Doyle & Hilton, LLP is committed to providing accounting and advisory services designed to help businesses nationwide reach their optimum level of success. We invest heavily in intellectual capital, assembling what we, and our clients, consider the strongest team of Certified Public Accountants in our specific area of expertise.

Our Three Fundamental Principals

We are proactive tax and business advisors – One of our goals is to save clients more than our annual or monthly fee for service. We fully expect to accomplish this through proactive tax and business advice. 

Experience counts – The experience of the professionals who actually perform your work is unmatched by other public accounting firms. Lyons Davidson has 22 years of accounting, audit, and corporate income tax experience. Peter Doyle has 22 years experience as a CPA. He has held the position of Corporate Controller of a financial service firm with revenues in excess of $400 million. Nathan Hilton, our Director of Tax Services, has 22 years of advanced corporate, estate, and individual taxation experience with a large regional accounting firm. Amy Gallagher has 19 years accounting experience.  

Service is essential – We take pride in providing the highest level of service and expertise at a reasonable rate.